arhitecture and design


We design and realize architectural projects and interior design of apartments, houses and public spaces of any complexity. We’re different thanks to individual approach, quality architectural collusions and comfortable prices (more precise price is formed according to the complexity and details of completed projects).

  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Product design
  • Architectural sketch
  1. Sketches include:
  • the measurement of facilities
  • Various solutions for planning (no less than two)
  • Various solutions for ceiling (no less than two)
  • Outline concepts of interior with elements of 3D graphics

The cost of the work is 15 dollars per 1 sq.m.

  1. The drafting of an interior design project:
  • Drawings with dimensions and engineering elements 
  • Various solutions for interior lay outs ( up to two options) 
  • Various style options and color schemes (up to 1-2 options)
  • Floor plans after the redesign
  • Demolition and removal plans
  • Furniture placement plan
  • Flooring plan and material installation schedules
  • Ceiling plan
  • Lighting and outlets diagrams
  • Lighting fixtures placements with distribution of wiring for circuit breakers
  • Electric outlets plan
  • Ceiling construction detailing
  • Underfloor heating plan
  • Door portals plan
  • HVAC plan
  • Placement of sanitary and bathroom equipment
  • Bathroom views with material calculations
  • Wall views with material calculations and detailed sections of decorative elements
  • Furniture specifications with general dimensions and store locations where it is possible to purchase them
  • Electric equipment specifications
  • Lighting fixtures specifications
  • Interior visualization done with 3D Studio Max program (one-two options for each space)

The cost of the work is 25 dollars per 1 sq.m.

  1. Architect’s supervision:
  • Construction site visits. In addition, designer may visit the site upon request, depending on supervision needs
  • Store visits for material and furniture selections.
  • Inclusion of necessary corrections, that may emerge after dismantling of old partitions, installations of new ones, and after leveling of floors, walls and ceilings
  • Supervision and consultancy for installations and finish works
  • Consultancy and monitoring of compliance and completion of each work phase
  • Preparation of commercial proposals with indication of materials and furniture dealers

The cost of the work is 250 dollars per 1 month

  1. Individual visits to the object:
  • A consultation of designer: starts at 200 UAH.
  • Store visit for material or furniture selections costs 500 UAH
  • Construction site visits, consultancy and monitoring of each work phase, consultation on design project cost 400 UAH

*Please, note – individual visits are being implemented on weekdays from Monday till Friday, from 10AM till 6PM;

Visit’s duration is not more than three hours after obtaining pre-approval


  1. Remote design:
  • A scheme of work is streaming on the Internet. You send us plans, measurement of facilities and photos of a space. A conversation with you is maintained by e-mail, telephone or others
  1. Painting, product design:
  • Individual painting (graphic, watercolor, oil, batik), painting of a fabric, designer’s murals of individual items or interior’s elements
  • Outline concepts of decorative elements of interior (woodwork, glass windows, mosaic pictures, forged products, art parquet, furniture and others)
  1. Architecture:
  • Concepts, outline project, work project, architectural and planning decisions